Jim VanderMey

Chief Innovation Officer

Jim VanderMey seated in front of a white wall

Jim VanderMey is the Chief Innovation Officer for Vervint and has provided the technical leadership and strategic vision for the organization since he co-founded the company in 1997.

Jim has performed many roles as the company has grown, with his roots in enterprise architecture and healthcare in the payer and provider space.  As a conference speaker and consultant, he has engaged with diverse clients in North America, Europe, and Japan in areas such as product strategy, Business Alignment and IT transformation, CIO-level peer consulting, DevOps, advanced analytics and technology in healthcare, medical device development and integration and IoT program leadership.

Vervint takes a perspective on solving both the human and the technology problems simultaneously in our client engagements.  Jim led the strategy for Vervint to couple Human Centered Design with our core technology services which resulted in two strategic acquisitions of Grand Rapid’s based Visualhero (2016) and the Minneapolis firm Azul Seven (2020). Jim represented Health IT as a Commissioner for the State of Michigan for five years ending in 2023 and was on the working committee for the development of the Michigan Health IT Roadmap (“Bridge to Better Health”).  Jim leads the healthcare practice at OST where he focuses his work on disaster recovery, data and privacy implications for data-driven digital health, digital transformation, and modern IT architectures for the Epic EHR.  Jim also serves on the Advisory Council for the Center for Digital Civil Society at the University of San Diego.

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