ERP Needs Assessment, Gap Analysis, and Recommendations

When your organization is facing an ERP upgrade, migration, or implementation, it can be difficult to know where to start. Who should be involved? What are the major milestones? What timeline is reasonable to expect? How can costly mistakes be avoided?

Our team of experts has completed dozens of successful Infor LN implementation projects and developed a proven business-process-oriented methodology. We will help you quickly and effectively move forward in your ERP journey by understanding your specific situation, identifying mission-critical needs, and charting a people-centered path from where you are now to your ideal future state.

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Key Outcomes:

  1. Deep understanding of risks, opportunities, the definition of project success, and what metrics will demonstrate that success

  2. A clear path forward outlined in an iterative, milestone-driven roadmap

  3. Cross-functional alignment around business outcomes, approach, and vision

  4. A carefully inscribed, evidence-based scope of work

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Key Deliverables

Project Plan

This report includes a projected timeline with milestones, the projected resource requirements for the project and the estimated project costs. In addition, this document outlines how the project will be organized: the steering committee members, the project team, the reporting and communications plan, and important roles and responsibilities.

Process Gap Analysis

In the process gap analysis, our experts will outline the differences between your organization’s current ERP system and Infor LN. This includes areas for prototyping as well as functionality that can potentially be deferred to a later phase of implementation.

Data Gap Analysis

This report provides a granular assessment of the current state of your organization’s master data. Our experts will also detail opportunities to improve data hygiene along with the mapping needs for your ERP implementation.

Reporting Needs Summary

We will summarize and outline your various teams’ reporting needs that will be addressed through the implementation.

Feature-Specific Assessment(s)

Depending on your organization’s specific industry, needs, and circumstances, our team is ready to help you identify and explore additional features and functionality that can be enabled or integrated with Infor LN.

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