People at the Heart of AI

AI is a significant topic for many industries, but what does it mean for your organization?

People at the Heart of AI

Our panel of technology leaders explore the impact of AI, what your company needs to know about AI readiness, its practical implications, and crucial considerations for success. And most importantly, how people are at the heart of it all.  

Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights that could shape the future of your business. 

Facilitated by

Jim VanderMey
CIO, Vervint


Jen Nowlin
Principal Strategist

Allen Derusha
Principal Engineer

Brian Partin
Enterprise Architect

Hillary Waters
Lead Designer

This panel discussion will help you understand: 
  1. Navigating the implications of AI on industries and strategies for mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities. 

  2. Assessing organizational readiness for AI adoption and implementation. 

  3. Key factors for successful AI initiatives. 

  4. Anticipating future trends, challenges, and strategies for staying ahead in an increasingly AI-driven world. 

  5. People need to be at the heart of AI.