The Cloud Adoption Workshop

Time Commitment:
1-2 Full Days

More than likely, your organization is asking IT to do more. For decades, you’ve been the backbone of the company, keeping everything running and secure. Today, the business is asking IT to help support innovation in new ways, which often means a shift to the cloud. A hybrid IT strategy offers the best of both traditional IT solutions and the cloud.

Our team has been effectively guiding many organizations in this transition. In this immersive Cloud Adoption Workshop, we come on-site to work with you and your key IT stakeholders to identify the value of moving to the cloud for your business. Let us help you align on your goals, values, strategy, and aspirations to lay a foundation for success.

Group of IT leaders in a hybrid workshop with presenter on screen

Get answers to:

  1. Can the cloud resolve my current pain points?

  2. Does the cloud support my organization’s goals?

  3. What are the cost implications of moving to the cloud? I’d like to know more about CapEx/OpEx models, upgrades and licenses.

  4. How does the cloud impact my application portfolio and high-level architecture?

  5. How does the cloud impact my infrastructure overall?

We come to you.

The Cloud Adoption Workshop is best conducted on-site, in your environment. Depending on the size of your team, workshops can be one to two full days and customized to your goals.

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