Design Thinking Bootcamp

Time Commitment:
3 Days

In today’s business environment, knowing how best to direct customer-focused innovation is crucial. In this 3-day immersive program, our experts will help you and your team gain a better understanding of the theory and experience needed to bring design thinking to your organization.

Design thinking workshop being held with other colleagues in a meeting.

Our 3-day bootcamp will teach you and your team how to drive customer-focused innovation. The 12 to 16 professionals who participate in this session will:

  1. Learn processes and language that improve collaboration amongst team members

  2. Develop more effective ideation and brainstorming skills

  3. Gain a cost-effective method for quickly testing strategic ideas

  4. Discover practical ways to stay focused on your customer’s needs

  5. Practice rapid prototyping techniques

  6. Learn how to coach others through the design thinking benefits

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Who Should Attend Design Thinking Workshops?

While any group or individual can benefit from design thinking, this event is geared towards professionals and executives who are focused on solving problems, creating products and services, or innovating for their organizations. We can cater this event to your organization’s unique needs.
“Design thinking has fundamentally changed the way we work at Legrand | AV. It’s given us a business framework to solve all kinds of challenges — from something as complex as a new product introduction to something as simple as the development of our sales meeting agenda.”
– Laurie Englert, VP of Customer Experience, Legrand | AV

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