You’ve Got 99 Problems but an IoT Platform Doesn’t Need to Be One

Is your IoT platform being sunset, or are you looking for a better IoT platform solution? Our experts have helped organizations seamlessly transition to best-in-class IoT solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

If you’re facing the harsh reality of an imminent platform sunset, your IoT costs are ballooning or you’re facing any of the myriad challenges of working with an outdated IoT cloud, this webinar is for you.

Developer interacting with new IoT platform

This webinar will help you understand:

  1. When and why to migrate your IoT platform — and the key steps involved 

  2. How to ensure (and communicate) a seamless transition for all your customers 

  3. When you need to balance decisions about mission-critical functionality and nice-to-haves

  4. What potential funding opportunities exist specifically for IoT platform migrations 

This event content was created prior to our rebrand and may contain references to our previous name (OST) and brand elements. Although our brand has changed, the information shared continues to be relevant and valuable. 

Watch the Webinar