Destructive Cyber Crime and Ransomware: What’s Your Recovery Strategy?

A cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds. Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated; it’s not a matter if an attack will happen, but when. Is your organization prepared for when it falls victim?  Attacks during a global pandemic are exponentially growing as millions of users are now connected to unsecured home networks. This leaves a vulnerable opportunity for both hackers and bad actors to attack your data set.

Cyber recover and ransomware recover in data server room

In this webinar, our experts will walk you through a high-level overview of a cyber recovery solution. You will learn about cyber resiliency challenges, the difference between disaster recovery and cyber recovery, and the importance of a cyber recovery solution for your business. Our experts are ready to help you set up a recovery solution that will help protect your businesses’ data for tomorrow.

This event content was created prior to our rebrand and may contain references to our previous name (OST) and brand elements. Although our brand has changed, the information shared continues to be relevant and valuable. 

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