How to Successfully Move to Infor LN Cloud

Join us for a panel discussion featuring stakeholders across the ERP implementation spectrum. You’ll hear, firsthand, about the successes and quick returns you can expect to achieve during an ERP migration as well as the challenges and frustrations you may experience — and strategies to navigate them.

The focus of the discussion will be on NuAire’s 6-month journey (so far) from Baan through process engineering, data migration, testing and a conference room pilot to LN Cloud — during a global pandemic, no less!

Manufacturer of environmental cabinets and specialty lab equipment warehouse working on cloud tablet

NuAire is a manufacturer of environmental cabinets and specialty lab equipment based in Minnesota, and they’ll be sharing details about:

  1. What challenges they faced running their business on Baan IV

  2. Why moving to LN Cloud was the right choice and what factors went into that decision

  3. How NuAire anticipates LN Cloud will improve business operations and customer value

  4. Which methodology NuAire and Vervint are using for the project

  5. Lessons learned during testing and training

This event content was created prior to our rebrand and may contain references to our previous name (OST) and brand elements. Although our brand has changed, the information shared continues to be relevant and valuable. 

Watch the Webinar