ERP Consulting Services, Upgrades and Migrations

Erase technical debt and solve complex business problems by building, migrating, or updating your ERP system.

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Make Your ERP System a Differentiator

Every business with manufacturing in its portfolio will be able to realize the tangible benefits of a modern ERP system by implementing, upgrading, or migrating to Infor LN or one of its associated products. Our services go far beyond the implementation. Our goal is to make your ERP system a business accelerator, from strategy to support.

Our ERP Solutions:
  • Comprehensive Infor LN Implementations, Upgrades and Migrations
  • Custom ERP Development (Integrations, Extensions, Plugins, and Other Customizations)
  • ERP Infrastructure, Application Managed Services, and Help Desk
  • ERP System Administration and Hosting
  • ERP System Upgrades (Patching, Service, Feature Packs, Porting Sets, Operating Systems, Databases, etc.)
  • ERP Version Upgrades and Implementations
  • ERP Data Migration Tools and Services
  • Training and Process Development for All Versions of Baan and Infor LN
  • Project Management Support
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Accelerate Your Goals with a Solid ERP Strategy

Every business with manufacturing in its portfolio will be able to realize the tangible benefits of a modern ERP system by implementing, upgrading, or migrating to Infor LN or one of its associated products. Infor LN is a comprehensive, highly configurable enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system that manufacturers of every size have come to trust for its robust features, business process templates, supply chain visibility, ease of use, and much more.

With nearly three decades of ERP experience, Vervint has the experience to lead you through a multitude of ERP needs. From migrating to upgrading or moving from on-prem to the cloud, our team can help you determine the best solution for your needs and get you across the finish line.

  1. Upgrade from Baan or Other Outdated ERP Platforms

    Are you fighting against a decades-old, barely-supported ERP system? If you’ve been considering an ERP system upgrade from Baan, now is a great time to get ahead of the curve.

  2. Install a New ERP System

    While this may be your first Infor LN implementation, we have worked on hundreds of ERP projects — and we apply everything we’ve learned to help you succeed.

  3. Migrate to Infor LN

    Whether your current platform is lacking mission-critical functionality, failing to provide the data and insights you need, reaching the end of support or just making it difficult to get work done, our team can help you choose a new platform or seamlessly migrate to Infor LN.

  4. Migrate to the Cloud From an On-Prem Environment

    The benefits of moving your ERP system to the cloud include more flexible finance models, greater accessibility, significantly lower maintenance requirements, faster access to new features and much more.

  5. Upgrade from an Older Version of Infor LN

    As an Infor Alliance Partner, OSTs team is always up-to-date on the latest Infor LN releases. We can help your company seamlessly transition to the newest version of LN and optimize workflows, provide training and much more in the process.

Go Beyond an Infor Install with Vervint

Experience is the center of today’s digital universe for both consumers and your workforce. That shift continues to raise the bar for ERP systems. To stay relevant and compete for both market share and outstanding talent, your team needs to reorient your business practices to meet the new demands of users. That requires a deep understanding of end users and alignment across teams to deliver meaningful experiences.

To accelerate business growth, it’s not enough to simply have an ERP system. You need to think bigger and connect with people in meaningful ways, leverage data and fully integrate your business’ digital ecosystem.

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