Managing Risks with the IoT Foundation

The market is full of connected products — complex technical creatures that require nurturing. Product manufacturers must plan and nurture their connected products in order to manage unexpected events during the operational phases.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to mitigate risks that threaten the launch and long-term success of your connected product.

Developers discussing IoT risk management

The central focus of this discussion will be on three keys to success for minimizing operational risk:

  1. Adaptable Architecture

    As IoT platforms like AWS evolve, your device architecture needs to adapt. Leveraging architecture that scales and evolves, you can quickly adjust to changing customer needs, markets and technology without disruptive, expensive rebuilds.

  2. Security

    How can you protect both your organization and customers using your connected product? AWS IoT experts will discuss Device Defender, a key tool for data protection.

  3. Lifecycle Management

    Once a product is built and launched, most organizations focus on keeping it running and updated. But are you considering the changing ecosystem that your product lives in? We’ll discuss how to optimize feature additions and manage multiple generations of IoT devices as you evolve to meet the needs of your end users.

This podcast content was created prior to our rebrand and may contain references to our previous name (OST) and brand elements. Although our brand has changed, the information shared continues to be relevant and valuable.

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