Navigating the Uncertainties in ROI Estimation for IoT Success

Along the IoT journey, product owners will encounter disruptions, struggles and pitfalls. Even the most seasoned professionals understand that uncertainty is almost a guarantee. How you navigate the IoT journey, and the transitions and developments along the way, will influence the overall success of your product, including ROI.

In this webinar, Vervint’s Principal IoT Business Consultant Jen Nowlin and VP of Digital Strategy Andy Van Solkema will facilitate a conversation covering the unknowns in Return-on-Investment Estimation.

Two executive members discussing ROI for IoT project

In this webinar, we cover:

  1. Timeline of ROI calculations through each stage of development

  2. The uncertainty and confidence factor, and the relationship between the two

  3. How to develop confidence in your investment, and communicate your vision to leadership

  4. The transitions of people, processes and platforms needed to succeed.

Watch the Webinar