Microsoft Modern Workplace and Microsoft 365 Solutions

Keep your organization aligned with Microsoft Modern Workplace Solutions — a digital space that creates seamless, secure collaboration and communication companywide.


Secure Communication and Collaboration for Your Organization

Danger lurks around every corner as organizations work to address wide-ranging concerns such as: 

  • Global policy 
  • Operational change 
  • Risk mitigation 
  • Legal hold 
  • Data loss prevention 
  • Compliance 
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 

In today’s uncertain and sometimes chaotic climate, businesses are challenged with securely enabling a remote workforce in a risk-filled digital environment.

Microsoft Modern Workplace can bring your organization seamless, secure communication and collaboration across company locations and platforms. Our experts are dedicated to meeting the demands of your unique situation head-on. We can help you drive productivity by providing the necessary tools that ensure worry-free collaboration for your teams. 


Modern Workplace Solutions Benefits

Enable Secure Remote Work

Reduce Costs and Manage Risks

Transform Organizational Productivity

Seamless Merger and Acquisition Migrations

Provides All Necessary Tools for Each Enterprise Employee


Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Vervint can deliver a cross-functional team approach that leverages disciplines from end-user support, managed services, IT security, cloud, infrastructure, design, application development, and more. Our experts have migrated enterprises across industries as well as global merger and acquisition operations to Microsoft 365 (formerly “Office 365”) to allow enhanced collaboration across internal business units, subsidiaries, joint ventures, vendors, and other external entities.


Vervint’s Modern Workplace Solution

As a Modern Workplace solution provider with a premium-tier Microsoft partnership, our team of subject matter experts continuously utilize the latest industry best practices, toolsets and resources. We are ready to work alongside your team to fully implement and manage a tailored Microsoft 365 solution for your organization with a focus on four key areas that drive operational value.

Secure Remote Work and IP

Empowering a remote workforce requires more than just providing a VPN connection. With a wide variety of solutions for the modern workplace, Microsoft and Vervint can help your organization securely enable your remote (and onsite) workforce by delivering a seamless work experience. Utilizing tools for identity synchronization, multi-factor authentication and conditional access will dramatically increase security with minimal disruptions to your employees’ work.

You can also protect your intellectual property (IP) with solutions like cloud access security broker (CASB), cloud app security solutions, data loss prevention (DLP) and identity and information protection products.

Reduce Cost and Manage Risk

The cost of implementing a functional and secure modern workplace doesn’t have to consume several years of the operational budget. Plan ahead and save by rightsizing your software licenses. Rather than using a ramshackle assortment of third-party tools to meet diverse needs across business units, utilize Microsoft’s cloud-native solutions for additional cost savings.

Simplify Mergers and Acquisitions

Break down barriers between internal entities, subsidiaries, joint ventures and other partnerships. With Microsoft 365 solutions, you will be able to collaborate from every corner of your organization. Working with Vervint, your company will be able to focus on velocity and efficiency while our experts implement and manage data migration.

Transform Organizational Productivity

When an organization implements a modern workplace, the workforce experiences many positive changes. With an end-to-end focus on organizational change management, Vervint can help your team accelerate adoption and increase productivity throughout a Microsoft 365 implementation or migration.