Software Quality Assurance

From start to finish, integrating software quality assurance into the development process results in a better product.

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Software Quality Assurance Increases Customer Satisfaction

Developing software is an intense process. From strategy to DevOps and design to development, the choices are numerous. You may think you have all of the correct features prioritized with the most functional, scalable software possible to support them. But without software quality assurance (SQA), issues like bugs, accessibility misses, and security risks have the ability to crush a software or digital product.

On the other hand, SQA, when implemented from the beginning of development, can ensure the best experience for all customers. Organizations that are using SQA experience benefits such as:

  • Increased quality thanks to diverse views and experiences implemented into the development process.
  • Seamlessly combined approaches across people, platforms, and machines, leading to a more aligned organization.
  • Continuous monitoring and testing software leading to improved customer experiences and loyalty.
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Software Quality Assurance is More Than Bug Fixes

SQA at Vervint begins, well at the beginning. Our services can be implemented at any portion of the software development process. Our services include:

  1. Planning & Strategy

    The Vervint SQA team can be deployed to help you plan and strategize your software development.

    • Instill best practices of manual and automated software QA.
    • Build greater SQA integration within Agile/Scrum teams.
    • Act as a resource for project knowledge in planning and development.
  2. Software Quality Assurance Execution

    Using an agile framework, our team developed, tested, and released products in CET, such as conveyors

    • Execute manual and automated testing.
    • Testing for functional requirements.
    • Testing for non-functional requirements, accessibility and loads.
    • Continuous integration in the development process.
    • Create plan to implement fixes and complete work on sprint by sprint basis.
    • Implement an end-to-end testing a strategy.

Software challenges and issues arise across multiple platforms including:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Connected Product/ IoT Devices
  • Data
  • API

At Vervint, our software quality assurance work spans these different platforms and areas of your business to ensure the high level of quality you need throughout.

People-Centric Software Quality Assurance

Great software is about more than great code. And Software Quality Assurance is more than bug fixes. Learn more about SQA with Vervint.

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