Bring Interactive Product Configurators to Life With Unity Software and Unity Developers

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Creating visually rich, interactive customer experiences is invaluable to organizations. Those wanting to establish a presence in new online marketplaces, drive shorter sales cycles and create new value for their complex products often seek digital solutions, such as product configurators.

In this article, expert developers from our Configuration Services Team outline why organizations can benefit from implementing a product configurator using Unity, a cross-platform development program. And we will explore how Vervint can strategically develop and optimize configurators for your organization.

What Is Unity?

Unity is a real-time development program with matured 3D graphic rendering capabilities. One of its most valuable commercial applications is helping customers or internal teams to visualize and specify highly complex, configurable products. The Unity platform has been utilized by many industries (gaming, manufacturing, architecture, retail, etc.) to create a variety of tools, including product configurators, video games, VR experiences, cinematics and much more. Unity’s flexibility allows users to develop and manage applications for the web, consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality platforms. By creating and managing a 3D configurator using Unity software, organizations can simplify the design, specification and selling process of their configurable products by enabling consumers to digitally interact with, adapt and customize tailor-made products.

What Types of Product Configurators Can Be Developed Using Unity Software?

Three main types of product configurators can be developed using Unity software tools, and our experts will work with you to help you strategically select the best option for your organization.

1. Web-Based Product Configurators

Web-based product configurators leverage web technologies to create 3D (or 2D) models of complex products online.

2. Virtual Reality Product Configurators

Virtual reality (VR) configurators integrate virtual reality solutions with configuration tools to create digitally rendered virtual environments for consumers to interact with products.

3. Augmented Reality Product Configurators

Augmented reality (AR) configurators integrate with an interface, such as a mobile app or AR headset, that allows consumers to easily create custom designs and digitally position products into a real-world space.

Regardless of what type of configurator you build, regular support will be required to maintain your digital product past the original development and launch. With the help of Vervint’s team, your organization can avoid and overcome common challenges to drive immediate value for your e-commerce investment.

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What Are Some Benefits of Having a Product Configurator Developed in Unity?

Experience is at the center of today’s digital universe. Consumers expect convenient, personalized digital experiences, and they carry those expectations with them whether they are purchasing for themselves or for their business. Successful companies are continually optimizing user experiences, which needs to be a driving force during any product configurator development. To ensure successful configurator deployment, your organization needs to have a stable development platform, such as Unity, to deliver an outstanding buyer experience for complex products.

Some benefits of implementing a product configurator using Unity software include:

  • Easy implementation of cross-platform product configuration solutions
  • Powerful development tools
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Real-time iteration
  • Advanced rendering engine
  • Immersive product experiences
  • Ongoing, innovative technology updates
  • Numerous integration options
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What Can Vervint’s Product Configurator Consultants Do for You?

At Vervint, we help businesses of all sizes strategically develop, deploy, support, and optimize product configurators. We can help your organization at any stage of development, from planning and creating your digital product catalog to launching a successful product configurator to managing your evolving product catalog. With Vervint’s Configuration Services Team, your organization can go beyond just creating a digital product configurator.

We’ll help you create personalized customer experiences that distinguish you from competitors, generate new revenue and inspire innovation. Our team of highly skilled experts has years of experience building product configurators using the Unity platform and many other software development tools. And we have a proven process for working alongside clients, executing projects efficiently, supporting digital products over the long term and analyzing configurator data to drive new insights for your business.

Is Your Organization Ready to Launch a Unity Product Configurator?

Our unique expertise in strategy, design, software development and technical services helps companies focus on consumer needs, align stakeholders across departments and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Our Configuration Services Team is ready to help you move forward. Contact Vervint today!

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