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Improving Healthcare One Saw Rotation at a Time

An industry leader in medical technology wanted to improve insights by automating the manual process of reporting usage. Discover how Vervint created a cloud-based storage and analysis platform that improved data utilization and lowered costs.

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What We Did

When an industry leader in medical technology wanted to improve insights by automating the manual process of reporting usage, Vervint created a cloud-based storage and analysis platform to improve data utilization.

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One of the world’s leading medical technology companies, an innovator in Medical and Surgical, Neurotechnology, Orthopedics, and Spine products and services.

Improving Access to User Data 

Medical technology companies rely on accurate data about the use of their products. 

However, most of the data is manually submitted by hospital surgical teams, creating the potential for human error in tracking and reporting the use of products. 

A leading medical technology company sought to automatically track usage data and upload it to a storage and analysis platform, eliminating the risk of human error and delivering faster insights. 

Vervint has helped clients harness and use data to improve user experiences and drive improvement. They were the perfect choice to optimize the client’s cloud solution and build for future scalability.

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Getting Data Right

The Vervint team designed and built a more efficient cloud optimization model in Azure that could expand and scale for future utilization goals. Vervint transitioned data ingestion from a monolith approach with dedicated virtual machines to microservices in a serverless model, reducing utilization costs and duplicative testing.  

This is a time and cost saver, as only affected bits of code need to be retested after an update, rather than the entire set of monolith – reducing monthly consumption spend by thousands of dollars. 

Vervint worked side-by-side with the client to provide project management, process improvement, and strategic alignment and consulting. They embedded team members at the client’s site once a week to integrate, encourage collaboration, and foster strategic project planning across customers and partners. 

Vervint also helped the client drive adoption of the platform within their organization. Working with Vervint, the client planned to build a business plan to extend the solution to other business units, creating a big data platform throughout the organization. 

Working with this client has dramatically reduced their technical cost and debt. Updated storage and analysis platforms for big data utilization have reduced costs and will allow the platform to scale as usage increases.

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