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Creating a Blueprint for Customer Engagement at Legrand | AV

A connector of people through technology sought Vervint’s help to create a blueprint for a new-and-improved customer experience. Learn how Vervint and Legrand | AV innovated for customers of its portfolio of brands.

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What We Did

When a company focused on connecting people through audiovisual technology wanted to better understand and satisfy their customers, they connected with Vervint. Vervint brought human-centered design discipline to this process to assess, explore, and determine how Legrand | AV could increase customer engagement across its brands 

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About Legrand | AV

Legrand | AV brands create amazing AV experiences through innovative solutions and exceptional service. As industry leaders and partners, Legrand | AV brands unite to provide a comprehensive offering that connects people through technology in education, corporate, house of worship, and government.  

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Driving Innovation by Understanding Customers  

A brand known for connecting wanted to connect better with its customers. 

Legrand | AV audio-visual brands, including Chief, Da-Lite, and Vaddio, are used where people gather in education, business, government, places of worship, and government. Each of Legrand | AV’s brands boasts a strong, satisfied following of customers, but the company sought to create new opportunities for growth by better understanding their customer journey.  

Vervint brought human-centered design discipline to this process to assess, explore, and determine how LeGrand AV could increase customer engagement across its brands.  

Mapping the Customer Journey 

Vervint’s human-centered design experts assembled a cross-functional team within Legrand | AV to identify and map the customer journey. This created a baseline understanding to support a deeper ethnography exercise for a more objective customer journey. The Vervint team spent several weeks in the field researching, observing, and exploring every touchpoint customers have with Legrand | AV, and other interactions that influence consumers’ experiences and expectations. 

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A Blueprint for Innovation 

These discoveries, interviews, and research findings contributed to a service blueprint that outlined touchpoints, falloff points, and feedback loops within the customer experience.  

Understanding the current customer journey helped Vervint and Legrand | AV ideate a new and improved customer experience blueprint for the future. 

Guided by the blueprint, Legrand | AV consolidated its branded web experiences into a single, cohesive experience. Other long-term changes included combining offline customer touchpoints and improving packaging. 

And Legrand | AV and Vervint continue to evolve and improve the customer experience. Every 18 months, Legrand | AV partners with Vervint to conduct qualitative research with its customers to understand the impact of improvements, areas of the customer experience that need attention next, and how customer needs and expectations are shifting over time. 

Vervint’s customer experience work expanded beyond the Americas to include the unique perspectives of Legrand | AV customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Vervint developed journey maps by persona to help Legrand | AV more deeply understand the unique experiences and interactions different types of customers have. 

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