Episode 36: Reorganizing IT to Create and Support Products, Feat. Brian Hart

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 36: Reorganizing IT to Create and Support Products, Feat. Brian Hart

In this episode:

As IT evolves to deliver more value to the business, they inevitably become involved in digital product development. But launching a successful product requires organizing in a way that allows your organization to both create a great product and support it.

In this episode, we welcome Brian Hart, VP of IT Internal Business Solutions at Amway, who shares his insights on fully leveraging IT in product development and why it’s really more of a practice than a destination.

Brian is interviewed by Vervint’s Chief Innovation Officer Jim VanderMey, someone with decades of experience aligning business, IT and other stakeholders to innovate, create and deliver new value through digital product development.


This podcast content was created prior to our rebrand and may contain references to our previous name (OST) and brand elements. Although our brand has changed, the information shared continues to be relevant and valuable.

Episode Transcript

Andrew Powell: Hey, everybody. Welcome to “Ten Thousand Feet,” where we talk all things digital transformation. We’re excited you’re here to help us enthusiastically welcome 2021. On this episode, we talk with client Brian Hart, the Vice President of IT at Amway. Brian and Jim VanderMey talk about organizing IT into product teams, so they can deliver greater value to the business. Brian has done an amazing job of this, so we wanted to have him on to break it all down with us. Enjoy.

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