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MillerKnoll Live OS is a digital cloud-connected furniture system designed to connect workplaces to support employee wellbeing. Learn how Vervint created the cloud architecture and data analytics platform to help MillerKnoll drive better experiences through insights.

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What We Did

MillerKnoll’s Live OS is a cloud-connected furniture system that delivers a data-based understanding of workspaces. Vervint architected the analytics and cloud infrastructure to empower MillerKnoll and its customers to use insights to create better user experiences and workplaces.

Connected Products

Cloud Architecture

Data Analytics

About MillerKnoll

MillerKnoll, formerly Herman Miller, is a recognized innovator in contemporary interior furnishings, work chairs, healthcare solutions, and technologies and services. In 2021, the company became part of the MillerKnoll collective, a platform of brands that design the world we live in.

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Connecting Product Insights

MillerKnoll knows a lot about office furniture.

When the industry leader envisioned MillerKnoll Live OS, a digital cloud-connected furniture system designed to connect workplaces to support employee wellbeing, they knew they had the potential to gather a lot of data and insights about users and their workplaces.

They needed a partner who knows a lot about connected IoT projects and could help them create a platform to use and analyze that data.

They found that partner in Vervint.

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Better Data Drives Better Workplaces

MillerKnoll Live OS is a cloud-connected furniture system that includes an app and dashboard that captures data about workspaces. Once the app is paired with any connected desk, Live OS dashboards capture real-time information from sensors in the office to help control operational costs, use space more effectively, and enhance employee health and performance.

Building the connected device started with designing and creating the analytics and cloud infrastructure. For MillerKnoll, access to data was critical because it would benefit the end user, the facility managers and ergonomists, and the company.

Vervint’s work to create the architecture and platform made it possible to capture data effectively, empowering MillerKnoll to create better experiences for users and customers.

Vervint’s work to develop the cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and systems architecture for Live OS has been outstanding. Not only have they helped us to provide our customers with robust, data-driven insights, but they did so in a manner that combined the highest standards for information security with a deep respect for end-user privacy.

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Alex Cammenga

Director of Applied Technology, MillerKnoll
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