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Brewing Strategies to Engage Customers 

Ferris Coffee & Nut wanted to know more about their customer than their favorite coffee order. Learn how Vervint brought a human-focused approach to understanding customers and creating a better experience for them today and tomorrow.

Brewing Strategies to Engage Customers 

What We Did

Ferris Coffee & Nut is a nearly 100-year-old company that wanted to understand more about its retail location and direct order coffee customers. Vervint created a plan to help Ferris learn more about customers and design experience strategies for the future.

Human-Centered Design

Experience Design

Customer Experience

About Ferris Coffee and Nut

Since 1924, family-owned Ferris Coffee & Nut has focused on creating moments of joy for people to connect. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company crafts exceptional food and beverage products by maintaining exacting standards through its retail locations and ecommerce business.

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Understanding Customers to Increase Engagement 

Ferris Coffee & Nut roasts more than 1 million pounds of coffee annually, specializing in single-origin and coffee blends the company thoughtfully procures through a global network of global growers. They are passionate about sourcing with intention and building long-term, sustainable relationships with growers all around the world.  

“We take coffee seriously, but not ourselves,” said Mark VanTongeren, President of Ferris Coffee & Nut.  

When the specialty coffee roaster wanted to understand how to better engage customers, Vervint was brought in to brew customer insights.  

Vervint helped Ferris understand their customer and create a framework for future brand and product strategies. Vervint conducted research and a series of workshops to define and validate Ferris’ customers, their experience with the company and its products, and identify new opportunities. 

The result was a framework and insights Ferris could use to create customer strategies as intentionally crafted as their exclusive coffee blends.

Ferris Coffee Brand Design
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