Optimize IoT with a User-Centric Data Analysis 

Improve the type and quality of IoT data collected from smart connected products and transform it into a better customer experience. 

Make the most of your smart connected products with a user-centric IoT consulting engagement.

What Stories are Your IoT Applications Telling? 

Building a connected product that combines functionality and user insights in our experience-driven economy can be challenging. Get the insight you need and make the most of new opportunities by understanding customer interactions and their impact on revenue.  

Our data architecture analysis and user experience assessment helps you navigate your user data to gain a better understanding of your product’s potential, so that you can make informed and strategic decisions. By presenting data insights as influential narratives, we offer you a valuable toolkit to prioritize product improvements, enhance customer experiences, and identify new opportunities for innovation. 

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Impact for You 

Our team is here to turn your IoT connected product data into a compelling story that guides critical business decisions. We’ll identify the next areas of opportunity and improvement to fuel portfolio growth and increase your market share. As a result, your organization will align product investment to organizational goals, understand user engagement, and uncover new opportunities of optimization, automation, and AI.  

What We Do

Our team will engage with internal and external stakeholders to thoroughly assess your current state. This includes customer interviews and surveys and team collaboration. Then we will create a learning map that organizes qualitative and quantitative data, along with any data gaps or opportunities. In the end, you will gain a specific, prioritized roadmap to drive your future IoT connected products strategy. 

We’ll Lay the Foundation for Success

  • Product Use: We’ll conduct a user assessment with the connected product and digital experiences.​
  • Data Review and Analysis: Our team will  identify relevant data points, analyze current data architecture, and explore areas for improvement. ​
  • Customer Support Review:  We review customer support insights to identify patterns and inform areas for improvement.

Together, We’ll Craft Your Strategy

  • Stakeholder Workshop: We bring together your cross-functional stakeholders to understand goals and discuss data collection methods.​
  • Storytelling and Insights Development: We’ll develop narratives based on analysis and user behavior insights to create actionable recommendations.

We’ll Empower You with Deliverables

  • Your connected product its own success story to tell. Through this engagement we will help you uncover the narrative. You’ll receive: 
    • Data Strategy & Architecture Assessment
    • Learning Plan
    • Product User Insights Report 
    • Actionable recommendations for product innovation that will deliver measurable results. ​

Benefits of a User-Centric IoT Connected Products Analysis 

  • Understand Customer Needs 
  • Make Informed Decisions 
  • Improve Product Development 
  • Better Competitive Differentiation 
  • Identify New Opportunities 

Benefits of AI in the Workplace 

As generative AI use cases continue to evolve, it can take time to determine the data and security requirements and the value for your organization. That’s why we offer a risk-free experience with industry experts who demonstrate proficiency across the product lifecycle. We understand some want to avoid dealing with significant blockers or red tape when exploring AI solutions, so our engagement minimizes those barriers. Together, we’ll align goals and identify how different tools can deliver real business results. 

Why Vervint? 

With nearly two decades of experience advising and building connected products for industry-leading clients, we offer a holistic approach to IoT product development. Our expertise in IoT, cloud architecture, user experience design, and data analytics enables us to deliver effective products that align your IT and business functions. Whether you’re building connected experiences from the ground up or migrating existing ecosystems, we use data from your connected products to identify innovation initiatives that increase customer loyalty, build product longevity, and generate revenue. Our solutions fit your specific goals to connect you with your customers in meaningful ways that distinguish you from competitors.