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Build connected products that provide a great customer experience, deliver organizational value, and can grow and scale with your goals.

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Designing for a Lifetime of Value

At Vervint, we help product and medical device companies design, build, and manage smart, connected products and the IoT infrastructure to support them. From developing strategic market insights to ensuring edge device connectivity, Vervint delivers effective solutions for industry-leading smart products.

We can come in at any stage of the product development process to guide or augment your team with our expertise in these areas:

We go beyond just creating a connected product. We’ll help you connect with your customers in meaningful ways that distinguish you from competitors, drive new revenue, and provide data-driven insights that will fuel future innovation.

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A Human-Centered Approach to Product Development

In the past, organizations became industry leaders by improving manufacturing, distribution, and information strategies. Today, that isn’t enough to thrive in our hyper-connected, experience-driven market. Existing products and services have more competition, smaller lifespans, and more demanding customers. Our connected product strategy and processes keep the user experience at the center while building to create organizational value and return on investment.

Our Approach to Connected Products & IoT:

Product Viability & Development Strategy

We research and determine consumer interest and the core value of your product. A strategy for long-term success with users and your organization is developed.

User Experience Design & Development

We take an in-depth look at your customer’s journey, including their motivators and inhibitors, to understand how your product creates value for them. From there, we create an experience that is consistent across multiple points of interaction, including physical, mobile, web, and voice.

IoT Cloud Architecture

To achieve your vision for UX, our IoT consultants can help you set a solid foundation of technologies that move your strategy forward. We build data processing architectures that ingest, process, and store large, complex data sets at a low cost and at scale. These architectures allow your brand to create industry-leading digital experiences and insights.

Data Analytics

At the heart of a successful connected product is an effective data analytics strategy. We leverage the data generated by your product to create insights that are useful to both end users and your organization. These insights can drive new product features, new innovation, and new revenue streams.

Managed Services & DevOps

A digital product needs consistent updates and monitoring. Our managed services team can take care of the daily tasks required to maintain and run an IoT infrastructure so your internal resources can continue to focus on growth and innovation.

Connected Product Development for Customer Loyalty and Organizational ROI

Our Connected Product Technology Partners

Build a smart product strategy that delivers results with our connected products and IoT consultants.

From total business transformation to technical development projects — anywhere you have a technology problem, we can help with our connected product consulting expertise.

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