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Find the Best Solution for Your Epic Infrastructure

With soaring costs, increasing patient expectations, and shifting global stressors and volatility, IT teams are searching for an infrastructure for Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR) they can count on to meet increasing demands. After decades of working with healthcare organizations across the country, we know first-hand that supporting critical healthcare systems is far more complex than a one-size-fits-all solution. The needs and long-term goals of your healthcare system could lead you to consider: 

  • Traditional on-prem infrastructure 
  • Cloud, private, public, or hybrid 
  • Epic-hosted solutions  

When it comes time to evaluate and decide which solution is best for your needs, Vervint helps you to navigate the rapidly shifting options available, consulting, building, and implementing the best solution for each unique environment. 

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Future-Proof Your Epic Experience 

We’ve worked with healthcare organizations for nearly two decades, not only in implementations and migrations but also in helping them build a strategic roadmap for IT innovation and growth. At the intersection of technology, patient experiences, and healthcare, our recommendations and solutions consider your entire clinical ecosystem, not just Epic. It’s this holistic approach that means managing your Epic infrastructure with Vervint can bring you: 

  • Budget optimization 
  • Effortless deployment experiences  
  • Customized flexibility 
  • Accelerated transformation 
  • Peace of mind management 

Sneak Peek of an Epic in the Cloud Engagement

We tailor each engagement to the needs of our customers. You can expect to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Diagram of 8 milestones: 1) “Architecture Review & Design Blueprint Creation”, 2) “Cloud Overview Training”, 3) “OST Cloud Foundation Implementation”. 4) “Epic Infrastructure Proof of Concept”, 5) “Epic ODB DR Infrastructure Implementation”, 6) “Epic DR Web and Services Infrastructure Implementation”, 7) “Epic DR on-demand Hyperspace presentation Implementation”, and 8) “Transition to DevOps for ongoing support”.

Empower Your Operations 

When it comes time to maintain and run Epic environments, we offer all-inclusive infrastructure solutions that lift your operations while maintaining budgetary control.  We work with your IT team to create long-term plans for: 

  • Disaster recovery on demand 
  • On-demand dev/test/training environments 
  • Cloud-hosted application and desktop presentation tiers with elastic capacity 
  • Research, analytics, AI, machine learning 
  • Custom applications – patient portals, telehealth 
  • Cloud-hosted backups 
  • Self-provisioning and automated deployment 

Develop, implement, and support a long-term strategic roadmap for your Epic infrastructure to support the high demands of a healthcare organization with Vervint.  

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