Healthcare Platform Assessment: Maximizing Impact

Feeling overwhelmed with choosing the right healthcare technology? Our healthcare platform assessment is here to help you make that decision with confidence.  

Healthcare Technology Assessment to Optimize Your Healthcare Platform Strategy

Healthcare Platform Selection Made Easy

Healthcare organizations seek flexible and scalable solutions for enterprise workloads, leading them to the cloud. However, understanding your needs and evaluating your options is essential for success. We know the path to healthcare platform optimization extends far beyond cloud vs. on-prem decisions. It’s about empowering your organization to achieve its goals and navigate complexities with purpose.  

When it comes time to evaluate and decide which solution is best for you, our Healthcare Platform Assessment will help you go beyond cloud evaluation. To that end, we focus on crafting a holistic strategy that meets your current and future needs. Whether it’s leveraging the cloud, on-prem infrastructure, or a hybrid model, we’ll help you confidently navigate challenges and lay a strong foundation for growth.

Two medical professionals with their stethoscope viewing information stored on the cloud via tablet. Text in the top left corner reads “Memorial Hospital And Health Care Center”.

An Epic Transition for Memorial Hospital

See how we helped Memorial Hospital transition from on-premise to Epic EHR on Azure with a well-architected, streamlined, resilient solution.

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The Solution to Your Workload Challenges 

Since every organization has unique goals, platform selection and implementation should align with your objectives. To help with this, our team will work with you to develop a healthcare technology roadmap that will identify areas of greatest impact. We’ll analyze your current platform state, organizational capabilities, and requirements to identify opportunities for strategic platform changes that align with your goals. Then, we will recommend transformation options and adoption strategies for clinical platforms such as EHR systems like Epic. With our roadmap, you’ll get transparent cost projections, informed decisions, accelerated transformation, and a framework for success, giving you everything you need to move forward with confidence. 

Our Approach to Healthcare Data and Analytics 

We put people at the heart of every solution, and that is no different when it comes to our Healthcare Platform Assessment and the healthcare strategy recommendations we deliver. With this intention, we focus on providing measurable results, guaranteeing tangible improvements in patient care, operational efficiency, and bottom-line performance.

With over 20 years of healthcare experience, our team delivers tailored solutions to meet your needs. To demonstrate this, we accelerate data maturity with cloud solutions backed by our trusted Microsoft partnership. Our holistic approach to EHR data strategy allows you to navigate complexities confidently, treating data as an asset for you to gain a competitive advantage and generate revenue. 

We Can Help You With

  • Enhanced Security & Compliance
  • Improved Scalability & Flexibility
  • Increased Accessibility & Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Making the Right Choice for You 

If you are looking to take your strategy to the next level, our Healthcare Platform Assessment is here to do just that. We’ll provide you with a framework for running, migrating, and optimizing critical workloads like your EHR or surrounding application ecosystem. Here’s what you can expect:

Week: 1

We’ll Lay the Foundation for Success

  • Conduct executive, clinical, and technical stakeholder interviews.  
  • Identify dependencies, risks, and gaps between current state and future goals.  

Week 2:

Together, We’ll Craft Your Strategy

  • Facilitate an onsite immersive strategy workshop.  
  • Estimate costs of technology platform, implementation, and management options.  

Week 3:

We’ll Empower You with Deliverables

  • Receive your customized strategy, roadmap, and cost projection that aligns with business objectives, needs, and capabilities.
  • Get detailed insights, along with actionable recommendations to address them.

Ready to find the best choice for you? 

Reach out to start elevating your healthcare technology strategy. We’re eager to connect with you and support your journey.