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We’re at the forefront of the healthcare industry’s digital transformation and are excited to share our knowledge and experience on the latest healthcare innovations. Dive into a world of AI, data-driven decisions, telehealth advancements, electronic health records (EHR), Epic in the cloud solutions, and more. Join us on this journey to reshape the healthcare landscape through technology. Stay ahead and stay informed with our insights into the latest trends, best practices, and methodologies of technology in healthcare.

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Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 40: It's Not Telehealth; It's Healthcare

Episode 40: It’s Not Telehealth; It’s Healthcare

In this episode, telehealth expert Joe Brennan is interviewed by Vervint’s CIO, Jim VanderMey. They discuss how telehealth is now simply considered healthcare and the implications of that paradigm shift.

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The Cloud Adoption Workshop

IT is supporting innovation in new ways, which often means a shift to the cloud for organizations. A cloud strategy offers the best of both traditional IT solutions and the cloud. In this immersive Cloud Adoption Workshop, we help you lay a foundation for success.

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